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a5c7b9f00b A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal.
So when I saw that the world&#39;s greatest stuntman was going to team up with the biggest name out of the Jackass crew, my first thought was that this was a very good idea. It seemed like a no brainier that these two would make a film together.<br/><br/>My second thought, was that this movie is 15 years or so too late. The biggest example of this was the limited release this movie got, at least in the states. Neither one of these guys are at their prime and I&#39;m not talking physically, but the movie star points they bring are not what they were back in the turn of the century.<br/><br/>This is too bad, because this movie was every thing I would have expected from a Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville collaboration. Under the guise of director Renny Harlin, it was the fast pace, high octane, slap stick comedy I thought it would be, both men doing what they do best with physical performances that give you fun and give you entertainment.<br/><br/>I mean, don&#39;t get me wrong, Jackie&#39;s not flipping and kicking like he use to, and Knoxville may be too old to put a firecracker where the sun don&#39;t shine but still, Skiptace shows you clearly why fans of both these guys would want to come out and see this one.<br/><br/>It puts a smile on your face and it stays there throughout the movie, and the best part about it, it has a lot more to do with the great physical comedy routine these two were doing than anything else. Jackie Chan&#39;s chemistry with Knoxville is close to what made Rush Hour with Chris Tucker work.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a little sad, like Escape Plan with Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Skiptrace suffers most from being made at the wrong time. If only some one could have came to Chan and Knoxville with this idea around the time when Chan decided to do the Tuxedo. I think this could have been a mega hit.<br/><br/>Still, Skiptrace is worth seeing despite being long over do. The idea of the Chan Knoxville duo is exciting and made for a good movie to watch.<br/><br/>
Skiptrace finds Jackie Chan trying that odd Chinese-American combination yet again, but unfortunately he fails miserably this time. Johnny Knoxville fails to fire up that natural flair of comedy that Owen Wilson had so effortlessly aced in the Shanghai franchise. Unfortunately the movie falls like dominoes owing to a bland plot and an unvarying disconnect that rips apart whatever Skiptrace was trying to walk upon.<br/><br/>DIRECTION OF SKIPTRACE <br/><br/>The direction of Skiptrace is absolutely pathetic. Renny Harlin isn&#39;t really sure what he wishes to show. You can see that confusion in his frames. Or maybe that element of clarity is missing from his head that clouds his judgment. Editing will compel you to shake your head. It is that bad.<br/><br/>Humour is quite confined, always acting contrary to our expectations. With Johnny Knoxville in the vanguard to stay as the primary entertainer of Skiptrace, expectations naturally shot up high. But Johnny made it all mediocre. You keep waiting for something funny, but then the wait becomes punishing.<br/><br/>The plot is forced upon to entertain a deliberate road trip. You feel the emptiness of it all when you see nothing substantial emanate from any corner. We are always heading towards something, so that&#39;s kind of good.<br/><br/>Chan and Knoxville create an okay chemistry though it is hard to compare their pairing up with the likes of what you have seen over the years.<br/><br/>NOSTALGIC OLD TIMES <br/><br/>Gone are those days when Jackie used to be young, and his fight scenes used to be the ogling kind. It always sends me back in time, when I try to remember all of his arresting fight sequences from the likes of Project A series, Who Am I, City Hunter, Armour of God and Police Story franchise. He still manages to entertain us nevertheless, but the quantum of combat bits in his movies has seen a gradual decline over the years. Maybe old age is doing that to him. It is in a way sad, because even when his movies didn&#39;t bank on a good storyline, he used to still uplift them with his jaw-dropping brawls. We miss that profusely.<br/><br/>Now that I think of it every Jackie Chan movie is ending up like that. Maybe for a change he should use a stunt double so that he doesn&#39;t hurt himself delivering those parkour like stunts, as is quite evident from his end credit scenes.<br/><br/>THE FINAL VERDICT <br/><br/>Skiptrace makes for a passable watch, preferable when you are fine with your brain taking a holiday for a change. You cannot help but think, it is time Jackie Chan amp up his entertaining quotient, by partnering up with either Owen Wilson or Tucker again. At least that magic was working for him.
[Chan] brings energy to a film that desperately needs any kind of life, but there is only so much Chan can do.

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