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646f9e108c Chennai-based Dr. K. Vaseegaran spends day and night in constructing a human-android, and after many trials and errors does succeed in creating one in his own image. His girlfriend, Sana, decides to name him Chitti, and is very impressed by the way he not only rescues her from goons on a train, but also a woman from a fiery building; delivers a baby in the maternal ward of a hospital; and instructs mosquito's to keep away from her. Impressed by these turn of events, Vaseegaran decides to make Chitti more human by letting him feel emotions - this results in the latter not only rebelling but also getting obsessed with Sana and embarrassing the couple on the occasion of their formal engagement. Furious at these turn of events, Vaseegaran terminates Chitti and has it disposed off. But Dr. Bohra, who expects to net millions by such an android, reconstructs Chitti with a different chip - with results that will enable it to assist him to re-produce more such androids - as well as give the now malevolent, virtually indestructible and unstoppable Chitti the freedom to pursue Sana and re-populate Earth with a new species - Robo-Sapiens!!
Dr. Vasi (Rajnikanth) invents a super-powered robot, Chitti, in his own image. The scientific body, AIRD, that must approve the robot, declines it based on its not having emotions and the ability to make rational judgment. A sudden flash of lightning evokes emotions in the robot, and Chitti is seemingly ready for integration into the human world. Then, Chitti falls in love with Dr. Vasi's fiancée Sana (Aishwarya Rai) and turns on his creator.
To be frank…as everyone, I had a lot of expectations.<br/><br/>The first few scenes when super star calls the small robot R2 actually added to my expectations since it was very rare that tributes find a place in Tamil films. But the moment I saw the conference scene where the public questions the lead character(déjà vu){Director Trademark} I knew that I was previously wrong with what I expected. Till then I was expecting or at least hoping that Endhiran would be the much awaited first Indian made sci-fi movie. But after the scene I knew that Enthiran will be another of Shankar&#39;s mass formula flicks( not on the negative side though). And it didn&#39;t actually disappoint. I turned out to be a pretty decent film with a &quot;Shankar and Rajini&quot; stamped all over it.<br/><br/>The first half of the film was good enough to keep everyone engaged, in spite of some silly &quot;comedys&quot; here and there especially those of Santhanam and Karunas. The roles of these two were completely unnecessary except for the scene in the second half {Director Trademark}(Chekov&#39;s gun you see…) where they help assemble Version 2.0 and the villain inserts the &quot;Red Chip&quot; ). It is factors like these and the 5 songs formula that bring down the quality of some pretty good* Indian films. Some of the scenes were really good especially the one where Chitti goes to the temple festival and picks up a fight. It has to be mentioned that concept of &quot;Electromagnetic mode&quot; which was first used in this scene(even though good) was overused throughout the movie (the train fight, the fire scene,the car chase scene, &quot;the Mask&quot; scene, and the last half an hour of the movie with all the formations) and these are scenes that characterize the movie( and the ones which gave the film so much hype when the trailers came out).<br/><br/>The second half of the movie was the one that made a huge difference between what I had expected before coming to the theater and the actual movie itself(it was the &quot;black sheep&quot;). It started with the worst scene in the movie, where Rajini switches to &quot;Mosquito mode&quot; and makes a deal with a mosquito to apologize to Aishwarya(the only consolation is that it is a &quot;tribute&quot; scene, the mosquito is named &quot;Ranga&quot; aka Sujatha). To be frank the first half of the movie could have been played by any other actor equally well, since it had some genuinely good scenes and even those didn&#39;t require you to be a Kamal or a Sivaji, but it was the second part of Enthiran which differentiates Rajini from all other actors( and answers the question &quot;why is Rajini more successful than Kamal?&quot;). Some of the best scenes in the movie like the &quot;black sheep&quot; scene don&#39;t look so great when you actually narrate the story to some one. But it is scenes like these and the usual &quot;…paambu&quot; scenes that really makes you wonder wtf is so special with this guy. The movie continues with version2.0(skunk version of Alex Pandian) kidnapping Sana and making a fort for itself with numerous Rajini&#39;s protecting it (dont ask me how they all look the same). Even though the story was predictable till now the scenes had enough space in them for Rajini to expand and take over. The last half an hour of the movie, with all the formations suggested as if the director &quot;wanted&quot; the scene and stretched the movie to fit it in.{spoiler}(literally)The scene where Rajini tries to introduce a worm in to the network, which he created in less than ten seconds demoed the amateurish nature of Indian script writers when it comes to scifi. After all this struggle how does scientist Rajini stop the robot Rajini?? Introduce electromagnets again. The robot gets stuck in an electromagnet while hero Rajini presses the &quot;Eject Red Chip&quot; button specially made for him. No, not the end yet, after all what is a Shankar movie without a court scene in the end where its is proved that all the charges against the hero are unfair. Finally the rotten cherry on an already sloppy cake would be the final scene where Chitti dismantles itself and says &quot;Nattu Kazhandruchu&quot;.{/spoiler}<br/><br/>The BGM of the movie has been brilliantly churned out by Rahman(as usual). At some places the BGM really adds to the feel of the scene, like &quot;Pudhiya Manidha&quot; with the &quot;Kadavul Irukkaru&quot; scene in the conference, the version 2.0 rap and the Arima arima bits in the end. Songs as usual reflect the grandeur of the film. {Director Trademark}. &quot;Kilimaanjaro&quot; looks a bit out of place and unnecessary. &quot;Arima arima&quot; deserves a special mention as one of the best songs of late and it really brought me back into the movie after some boring scenes in the 2nd half (after all…how many times have you seen the superstar as an extra?). Nice to see Aishwarya Rai back doing a Tamil film. She does justice to her character and has done exceedingly well with her dance moves especially in &quot;Irumbile&quot;. The makeup man and the costume designers deserve accolades( apart from the uphill task of making Rajini look young) for making Aishwarya Rai look her beautiful best.<br/><br/>In short, technically Enthiran is easily the most sincere attempt by any Indian director(and of course the producer) till date, but emphasis on more important aspects like a strong script and intelligent screenplay instead of the time tested &quot;Shankar formula&quot; could have well taken the movie to a global audience. And for those so who say it was a &quot;different attempt&quot;, i&#39;d say Ayirathil Oruvan was a world better(although it lacked every other aspect). As of now, even though Enthiran is the costliest Indian movie, released in thousands of screens worldwide, scifi, blah blah blah…it still remains a movie for the masses. But I still highly recommend the film for having a feel of the best ever visual effects in an Indian film.
I mentioned the word &quot;bit&quot; in the summary deliberately. There is a joke with that exact word as well in the movie. But my summary just sums up how I enjoyed the minute details of the movie while rejoicing in the marvelous and enthralling large scale experience. Starting with the mellowed opening scene, everything has been crafted neatly. Whenever the movie seemed like going overboard, the director stamps his touch and brings the movie back on the neat track. Kudos to Rajnikanth for not having let his &quot;larger than the movie&quot; image to interfere with the movie&#39;s plot. The first half simply flies by with the standard ingredients of an Indian film - introduction of characters, the feel good duet song between the lead pair, the powerful action sequence(this one stands outs from the other movies because of its grandeur), the villain&#39;s grudge. Among all this, there are jokes with the robotic and technical terminology - a reminder of late Sujatha&#39;s touch. And just to enhance the curiosity the director plants the plot&#39;s twist on the stroke of half time. The second half is something unseen on Indian movies so far. Not only has it exceeded anything that has been done in Indian movies before, it has also proved to be good. Exemplary CG is not something Indian movies can boast of. Most of the times, CG in India movies becomes laughing stock. But with &quot;Endhiran&quot; we may have just crossed over. Such is the technical brilliance in the second half that we can be forgiven if we assume what happens is true. One more factor about CG in Indian movies is that too many technical features is something the audience normally does not approve of. It is here that the super star comes to the fore. Having started his acting career more as a villain rather than a hero, the ease with which he carries out the negative role in the second half tides over the CG overdose. It was as if he had longed to play a negative role for long and had found the avenue in this movie. One must appreciate the movie&#39;s producers for having had the faith. They trusted Rajnikanth and Shankar without wincing even slightly. Then one must appreciate the director&#39;s faith in his own ideas. He decided to wait for the right opportunity to launch the movie and did not compromise the movie&#39;s plot for Rajnikanth&#39;s image. And finally one must appreciate the super star&#39;s faith in the director. He put his enormous image at stake to take up a role that could have been easily ridiculed. As for the other areas, the songs have been placed in such a way that they do not bore the audience. Rahman more than makes up for the average soundtrack with the rocking background score. Picturization is pleasant and the locations for a couple of songs are breath taking. Art direction is at its best throughout the movie. On the whole Endhiran simply scorches from start to finish and the participants in the movie have only helped in fanning the flame. Well done Shankar! Very well done Rajnikanth!!

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